Companies that rely on conveyor systems know that the key to success is keeping those systems working quickly, efficiently and smoothly. Spiratex has a proven track record of producing reliable conveyor components for a range of companies to help keep their conveyor systems up and running around the clock. Spiratex can produce a variety of conveyor components, ranging from standard clip-on parts and guide rails to polyurethane and UHMW roller covers and much more. The ability to produce a wide range of products with consistent quality is just one of the reasons why so many companies rely on Spiratex as a long-term partner. Throughout its 60-year history, The Spiratex Company has worked with paper pulling companies, repair companies, factories and even companies that build conveyors. Many of these customers have high demands when they order from Spiratex, and those demands are always met. In addition to offering reliable conveyor components that are long-lasting, Spiratex can deliver parts that are: • Anti-static • Sound reducing • Suitable for high-speed applications • Provide a low coefficient of friction • USDA approved • Efficient at low temperatures • Chemical resistant • Easily installed Why Spiratex At The Spiratex Company, we are always looking for a new challenge. That’s why we welcome new customers with complex projects. And unlike some companies that have to outsource parts of the job to third parties, Spiratex has a diverse staff that can handle nearly every project in-house. With our ability to complete design, engineering and die work under our own roof, you don’t have to worry about a third party coming in to complete part of a project. If you have a question about how the project is coming along, we can answer quickly and confidently. While custom fabrication is our specialty, our robust line of standard conveyor components meets a variety of needs. Many of our standard components can ship the same day or next day, depending your requirements.