In addition to standard UHMW, The Spiratex Company has years of experience modifying base resin with additives to alter performance properties for applications. A few examples include: •  16020 Ultrex enhanced conductivity UHMW/PE is achieved by adding a superconductive carbon black, which lowers the surface resistivity range to 105 - 109. The dispersed superconductive additive allows electron movement across the part itself. The product is black in color and is not FDA compliant. This is the most effective option for dealing with conductivity and static charges. •  16026 Ultrex ultraviolet (UV) stabilized UHMW/PE is used to slow or prevent UV radiation attacks by dispersing UV stabilizers in the polymer prior to extruding. UV degradation, which is caused by UV radiation, can be a problem in products that are highly-exposed to sunlight or in some cases, artificial sources of UV rays. Continuous exposure for long periods of time is a more serious problem than intermittent exposure, since the attack is dependent on the extent and degree of exposure. Our UHMW/PE UV stabilized product is black in color and has optimal protection against UV attack. This material is not FDA compliant. •  16050 Ultrex UHMW/PE with antistatic additives reduces the buildup of static electricity caused by the triboelectric effect. The additives leach onto the surface of the material and absorb moisture from the air. The molecules of an antistatic additive have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas, similar to those of a surfactant. The hydrophilic side interacts with air moisture and binds water molecules, whereas the hydrophobic side interacts with the surface of the material. The effectiveness of this option is dependent on the humidity of the environment and the leaching of the additive. This material, when used in accordance with the applicable FDA polyolefin regulation 21 CFR 177.152, meets the requirements of 2.1 and 2.2 for food contact applications. •  16303 lubricated Ultrex UHMW/PE was developed to have additional lubricity in the form of a continuously regenerating surface film. This is achieved by incorporating proprietary additives into the base UHMW/PE polymer which are extruded under high pressure. This homogenous blend of UHMW/PE polymer and normally solid lubricants with a grease yield produces products that are self-lubricating, slowly releasing lubricant at temperatures developed in ordinary use. The extruded product exhibits excellent dimensional stability, good wear resistance and a surface that is not oily to the touch. Dimensional changes are inconsequential and other desirable properties are unaffected. The standard color for this material is gray. When used in accordance with the applicable FDA polyolefin regulation 21 CFR 177.1520, it meets the requirements of 2.1 and 2.2 for food contact applications.

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