Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW/PE) has an average molecular weight greater than 3,100,000 as defined by ASTM D4020 standards for UHMW/PE. UHMW/PE is a linear polyolefin that is made up extremely long chains of polyethylene, which all align in the same direction. Commercially offered resins are available from 3-6 million molecular weight, with resins in the 3.1-4.5 range having the best combination of impact strength and abrasion resistance. The molecular weight of UHMW/PE must be approximated using the solution viscosity procedure found in ASTM D4020. There are several different trade names for UHMW/PE throughout the industry. Our proprietary trade name is “Ultrex”. UHMW/PE has a unique characteristic of thermal expansion/contraction. The colder the application, UHMW/PE will contract. The warmer the application, UHMW/PE will expand. Spiratex cuts and ships their UHMW/PE parts based on the tolerances and length of the part at 72F. The equation to determine the amount of thermal expansion/contraction is as follows: .00011 x inches long x temperature change from 72F. For example a part that is 240 inches long at 100F will grow by .74”. Properties: Excellent abrasion resistance The highest impact strength of any thermoplastic Superior chemical resistance, even to the most aggressive chemicals, including better chemical resistance than HDPE, P/U, steel and nylon Water repellent and highly-resistant to hydrolysis Biologically inert Excellent dielectric and insulating properties Stress-crack resistant Frequent applications include: Material handling, including food contact surfaces, since it is acceptable under FDA and USDA guidelines Lead-acid battery separators Medical implants Filters A wide variety of other applications

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