The Spiratex Co. will produce your custom profile to your exact specifications. From design to material selection, our expert engineers will be your partner throughout the process. Request a quote for your next project.

Custom Profile Success Stories

UHMW Snap Fit For this custom solution, our team extruded three different profiles of black UHMW, snapped together to make a tray, lid and compartments to prevent items in the three trays from getting tangled. Our extrusion expertise allows for the snap-fit of the lid to fit snuggly on the tray, providing the customer with a solution that meets their unique needs. Tight Tolerance Control Our customer had been using the combination metal/wood assembly as a form. This created two issues:  the amount of labor to make these forms at 35-39 feet long for their industrial production application and the length of life of the hand-made form. The Spiratex Co. solution was to extrude the profile in UHMW. Our ability to hold tight tolerances gave the customer exactly the shape they needed over the long length. The abrasion resistance of the UHMW extended the life of the form from 30 days with the metal/wood combination to 9 months for the UHMW. UHMW with Custom Tape One popular characteristic of UHMW is that it doesn’t naturally allow other materials to stick to it. We have perfected a process to apply double sided tapes to your Spiratex custom extruded UHMW profile or shape that actually build strength over time. The benefit of tape is that it eliminates distracting, visible fasteners, like screws and bolts. These tapes give you the ability to join a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, glass, plastics, painted and powder-coated surfaces. Ball Cannon The Ball Cannon is a lightweight, portable, battery-operated, recreational football throwing machine that launches NERF Pro Grip footballs from 10 to 100 feet with a professional-quality spiral. Perfect for kids, teenagers and adults - the Ball Cannon can be used in a backyard, park, field or tailgate. The Ball Cannon uses Spiratex UHMW extrusions as a low friction surface to give the ball a clean release. Contact them at www.ballcannon.com. No matter your custom profile requirements, the team at Spiratex can deliver.

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