Automotive Spiratex has been ISO certified since 1999 and continues to manufacture parts for the auto industry. Our ability to provide custom extrusion services with a wide range of thermoplastic resins while holding tight tolerances make us a great partner for automotive applications. Helping keep drivers and passengers safe is a top priority when providing custom fabrication services for the auto industry. We are proud to offer our services and solutions on even the most challenging projects, including helping companies solve recall issues. Spiratex has a wide range of experience in custom parts for auto companies, including: • Adjustable seating mechanisms • Passive occupant detective system (PODS) devices • Fuel tank strapping • Windshield wiper clips • Hose protectors • Custom parts designed for holding batteries in place • Dock seats • Heavy suspension trucks and trailers Why Spiratex One of the main benefits of working with Spiratex is that our staff is committed to creativity and innovation. We are willing to take on new challenges because we can engineer and fabricate the solutions for those challenges right in our own building. We can complete nearly any project in-house because of our ability to handle die design and engineering under one roof. That brings peace of mind for our customers who don’t have to worry about the risk of dealing with a third-party. If you have a question or concern about a project, The Spiratex Company’s staff can provide answers quickly and confidently because every part of the project is completed in our own production facility. Spiratex is known as one of the top plastic extrusion companies in the country because of our ability to offer early assistance on projects. Working with our engineers from the start provides customers with valuable assistance in design and material selection, ensuring a successfully finished product.