These versatile covers can be used as side guide rails, support members under belting and table top chains, cable guides, and lane dividers. Since the introduction of stainless steel guide rails in the 1980s, Spiratex has been providing guide rails where the UHMW/PE insert completely fills the 304 stainless steel sheath. The solid design eliminates the gap between the insert legs and steel sheath, which prevents dirt and bacteria collection. Custom UHMW/PE materials including gray lubricated, enhanced conductivity, anti-static and high temp are available upon request.

Guiderails Stainless & Galvanized

Over the years, the Spiratex Co. has accumulated a wide range of tooling that has been abandoned by the original customer. We are now showing the prints below of custom parts that can be produced with no RAM Engineering and Sample Charge. The dimensions shown are nominal. If you are interested in a profile as a custom extrusion, please e-mail us and we will send a fully dimensioned print for further evaluation.